Motion Filed In House Over Johnson

As the deadline to fund the government approaches, Speaker Mike Johnson, a Louisiana Republican, is relying more and more on Democrats to help him pass major legislation.

This is no easy feat, as Johnson’s fractured two-vote majority is often unable to unify on potentially polarizing topics. Some conservatives are even fuming that Johnson is bypassing the Rules Committee, which they control, to push through legislation with the help of Democrats.

Johnson’s success in passing bills with Democratic support has left some Democrats scratching their heads, as they see themselves as aiding a Republican speaker whose time they hope to see come to an end in the upcoming November elections.

However, many Democrats are not concerned with helping Johnson. They see it as a way to gain leverage and fight for victories they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to snag.

Despite some grumbling about the slow-moving and gridlocked House, Democrats are more than willing to lend their votes to pass bills they view as significant policy victories. Some even see it as a defining element of their party’s identity, proof that they are the responsible adults in the room who want to see the government function.

However, some Democrats are also cautious about their party’s willingness to help the struggling House GOP majority. They understand that Johnson’s dependence on their votes may have an expiration date, especially if he tries to pass standalone national security funding bills that may include items that are unpopular with the Democratic base.

Despite their willingness to help Johnson, many Democrats are still focused on flipping the House in the upcoming midterms to regain control and end the current state of political dysfunction. They understand that controlling the House is the only way to ensure their votes are no longer needed to pass legislation.

Some Republicans are enraged over this move, including Rep. Majorie Taylor Green (MTG). She has filed a motion to vacate for Rep. House Speaker Mike Johnson. However, it’s important to note that this motion will not pass unless she has support from Democrats.