Appeals Court Rules On Trump Judgement

Former President Trump has once again been vindicated in his ongoing legal battle with the corrupt New York Attorney General Letitia James. On Monday, an appeals court slashed Trump’s bond payment from a staggering $454 million to a much more reasonable $175 million within the next 10 days.

For months, James has been on a partisan crusade to bring down the former president, even vowing to “get Trump” before she was even elected. Her witch hunt has been focused on allegations of civil fraud, but as the appeals court has now ruled, there is no basis for these charges.

In yet another humiliating defeat for James, the court overturned the original ruling by Judge Arthur Engoron, who has shown himself to be nothing more than a puppet for the political agenda of the attorney general. This ruling again proves that the rule of law must triumph over political vendettas.

Trump has always maintained his innocence and has never wavered in his fight against the baseless charges brought by James. It’s clear that this “case” was nothing more than a desperate attempt by the left to damage Trump’s reputation and harm his businesses. But with the appeals court’s ruling, it’s clear that the truth is finally coming to light.

“The First Department no doubt recognized the rule of law must triumph over the political agenda of the Attorney General,” Trump attorney Christopher Kise said in a statement. “President Trump looks forward to a full and fair appellate process which overturns the judgment and ends the Attorney General’s abuse of power and tyrannical pursuit of the front running candidate for President of the United States.”

Despite relentless attacks and attempts to smear his name, Trump has remained steadfast in his fight for justice. And why shouldn’t he? He has nothing to hide and has always followed the law. This latest ruling clearly shatters Judge Engoron’s credibility, along with James’s.

Of course, the New York Attorney General’s office isn’t ready to accept defeat. They claim that Trump is still facing accountability for his alleged fraud, but this is just another desperate attempt to save face. The court has already found no evidence of any wrongdoing by Trump and his legal team.

“That doesn’t mean I’m going to give money to a rogue and incompetent judge – the puppet of a corrupt attorney general who’s failing with violent crime and migrant crime and whose only purpose in life is attempting to get Trump,” Trump told Fox News Digital, referring to Engoron and James.

As Trump and his attorneys continue to fight back against this politically motivated attack, it’s important to remember that this case has real consequences for the state of New York. While James spends her time and resources going after a private citizen, businesses are fleeing, and crime is rising. This needs to end now, and thanks to the appeals court, it looks like it just might.

Trump has promised to continue his legal battle all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary, and he has the resources to do so. With assets of nearly $4 billion, the former president has the means to fight against this abuse of power and attempt to silence him.