New Mar-a-Lago Evidence has Experts Suggesting Trump Indictment Inevitable

Donald Trump has long insisted that there was no wrongdoing regarding his storage of government documents at his Florida estate, but new witnesses from inside the swanky resort seem to be telling a different story.

Several weeks ago, armed FBI agents traipsed about the place, upending Trump’s life for a chance to take back documents that Trump had already claimed to have declassified before their departure from DC.

And, just as Trump was getting ready to impact the 2022 election in a major way, a Mar-a-Lago employee has attempted to throw him under the bus.

A bevy of legal experts, reacting to new explosive reporting about the Mar-a-Lago documents investigation, is convinced there is now enough evidence to charge former President Donald Trump with crimes.

Fresh details about the politically charged Justice Department inquiry, reported by the Washington Post and others on Wednesday, revealed a Trump employee told federal investigators that Trump himself ordered the moving of boxes stocked with records following a May subpoena for classified material, and security footage corroborated the account.

Government investigators are working to determine whether Trump committed a host of crimes, including those engaged with the destruction of government documents, mishandling of classified information, and obstruction.

And also:

“There it is,” national security lawyer Bradley Moss tweeted.

“Between this and the testimony of Alex Cannon (to name just two recent developments) Trump’s MAL goose is cooked. As I have oft said, the issue is no longer the proof, but DOJ’s will. Trump worker told FBI about moving MAL boxes on Trump’s orders,” tweeted former Mueller “pit bull” prosecutor Andrew Weissmann.

If true, many legal expert have begun to wonder if Trump unbeaten streak is about to come to an end.