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Swing State Judge HALTS Election Certification as Trump Lawsuit Plays Out

Could this be the sort of unexpected legal maneuvering that could put some life back into the Trump team's chances at another four years?

Trump Seen Meeting with Congresspersons Who Want to Overturn Election

Could there be some fireworks on January 6th?

Stephen Miller Drops Election BOMBSHELL with ‘Alternate Electors’ Declaration

This is simply unprecedented...and maybe just crazy enough to work.

President Trump Expresses Optimism in Fight to Win 2020 Election

Giuliani and the crew needs to mash on the gas.

Fox News Cuts Off White House Press Secretary’s Election Briefing

The usually conservative network has not been all that kind to Donald Trump in recent days.

Californians Organize ‘Stop The Steal’ Caravan to Bring Attention to Election Irregularities

The move comes after Facebook began closely monitoring and throttling groups attempting to being election fraud to light.

If 2020 Election is Contested, the Democrats Have a Secret Advantage

Things are looking to get hairy.

Twitter Takes HUGE Action Against Trump Just Months Ahead of Election

One can only imagine the potential for abuse in this sort of system. 

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Scientists Baffled as Mystery Rocket Discovered on Moon

Okay, so this is awfully strange...

Secret Service Denies ‘Bombshell’ J6 Testimony

The 'bombshells' were duds.

LOOK: UFO Cluster Filmed Over Popular Tourist Destination

The bizarre video has to be seen to be believed.

New Reports on Russian Troop Losses STUN Experts

The numbers are simply astonishing.