Police Arrest Social Media Influencer After Restaurant Incident

Meet Luis Barrios, a rich teenage influencer who recently found himself in hot water, courtesy of the local police. This young man, just 18 years old, has been living the high life with 43,000 Instagram followers who eagerly watch his adventures involving fast cars, boats, and glamorous international travel.

But it seems like Luis’s antics have caught up with him. The Florida cops turned the tables on him, capturing a damning video of his anti-social behavior that has since gone viral. Picture this: Luis and his buddies causing a ruckus at Sunset Grille in Marathon, swearing loudly and disturbing the peace. Staff at the restaurant had enough and called the police, who arrived to find the troublemakers had fled on Luis’s yacht.

However, the plot thickens. A restaurant manager reported receiving a threatening message from Luis, adding to the chaos. The police, undeterred, headed to one of the Barrios family’s homes nearby. They didn’t find Luis there, but they did find some very unsurprised neighbors.

One neighbor remarked, “Daddy took the car away, so he stole the boat. Something’s got to be done about that kid.” Another added, “The dad’s a decent, hard-working guy, but the kid’s a spoiled brat.”

It turns out, this wasn’t Luis’s first run-in with the law. Officers revealed he had a series of previous arrests, and around 20 other neighbors had lodged complaints against him. Luis has been described as “a thorn in our side over the last two months” by those living nearby.

The police bodycam footage, which has since been uploaded to YouTube, shows the dramatic confrontation. Officers heard shouts from behind the homes and found Luis attempting to moor his yacht. He refused to get off the boat, demanding the officers “call my dad” and claiming he had anxiety and paranoia. The officers, unimpressed, reminded him that he brought this situation upon himself.

When cuffed, Luis threatened to spit in an officer’s face, earning himself an additional charge. Despite his protests of being a “good kid,” the footage paints a different picture. Neighbors gathered to watch the spectacle, recording it on their phones as Luis boasted about his father buying him a new boat and flaunted his family’s wealth.

Luis’s behavior didn’t win him any sympathy from viewers of the YouTube video, which has been viewed 225,000 times. Comments like, “If it wasn’t for Daddy’s money, he would be homeless. Perfect example of an entitled brat that has never been told no,” and “It’s clear he’s out of control and headed for prison” reflect the general sentiment.

Luis Barrios now faces charges of trespass, second-degree disorderly conduct, and attempting to elude a law enforcement officer by vessel.