Biden Sits Down With David Muir

There’s been quite a buzz around the recent interview that ABC’s David Muir had with President Joe Biden in Normandy, France, during the D-Day ceremonies. If you missed it, let me catch you up on some of the highlights—or rather, the lowlights—that have everyone talking.

First off, Muir asked Biden about supplying weapons to Ukraine that might be used inside Russia. Biden’s response was far from reassuring. He mentioned “authorizing” strikes inside Russia as long as they didn’t target Moscow. This kind of statement is risky and could escalate tensions with the Federation. He also made a bizarre claim of knowing Vladimir Putin for “over 40 years.” Considering Putin’s KGB past, this statement raises more questions than it answers. Is Biden confused, or is he making another puzzling claim?

The interview didn’t stop there. Muir also tackled other hot topics, including Biden’s son Hunter, the U.S. border, former President Donald Trump, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. When asked if he would accept the jury verdict against Hunter and whether he would pardon him if found guilty, Biden firmly said no. But there’s speculation around the “D for Different” rule that might change this.

When it came to Netanyahu, Biden believed he was being heard. However, he confused Russia with Rafah in his statements about Israeli military plans, which doesn’t inspire confidence in his grasp of the situation.

Discussing Trump, Biden emphasized the importance of the rule of law and not undermining institutions, which seemed ironic given his own controversial actions, like defying the Supreme Court on student debt. Biden’s stance on democracy and the law seems inconsistent, especially with Democrats trying to remove Trump from ballots.

The border issue brought out perhaps the most off-the-wall comments from Biden. When Muir asked if he regretted not taking executive action sooner, Biden’s answer was baffling. He said acting earlier would have meant being blamed for blowing up an agreement. This statement is confusing, especially considering Biden did take numerous executive actions that dismantled Trump’s security measures. The so-called “agreement” he’s referring to is also a recent development.

Muir pressed Biden on why he didn’t act sooner if he could, and Biden’s response suggested he was more concerned about blame than protecting American interests. It’s clear that his actions—or lack thereof—over the past few years have not effectively addressed border security.

Overall, the interview painted a troubling picture of Biden’s current state. His confusing statements and contradictory answers have many wondering if he’s up to the task as we approach the next election. The public response, particularly in terms of support and donations for Trump, speaks volumes.