Protestors Set Up In Zucotti Park NYC

Another “autonomous zone” has popped up in New York City, but this time, it’s not a protest against police brutality or racial injustice. No, this time, it’s a support rally for the Palestinian-Hamas movement. And where have these left-wing activists decided to set up their so-called “people’s park”? None other than Zucotti Park.

If you thought the summer of 2020 was bad with the creation of these lawless zones in liberal cities across the country, buckle up because things are about to get even more brazen.

These activists are commandeering public property, proudly displaying signs that read “no more cops” and “no pigs allowed.” This is what happens when radical leftist ideas are allowed to fester and grow unchecked in our society.

But it’s not just about creating a place for their cause. No, these “autonomous zones” quickly become breeding grounds for violence, drug use, and all sorts of debauchery. In Seattle, a young man was killed in the CHOP zone, and activists refused to let the police or an ambulance in to help. And who was responsible for this murder? None other than an activist who had pledged allegiance to Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

But did the mainstream media cover this story? No, they were too busy praising these “autonomous zones” as peaceful expressions of democracy. It wasn’t until footage of violence and chaos emerged that the truth started to surface. And yet, the Biden team continues to pander to these radical activists with their policies.

It’s not surprising, considering Biden’s administration is filled with far-left individuals who sympathize with these radical movements. They’ve already made countless policy changes to appease these activists, and it’s only a matter of time before we see more “autonomous zones” popping up across the country.

But let’s not forget the real victims in all of this: American citizens and law enforcement officers. These “autonomous zones” put innocent people at risk, both physically and economically. And while the activists may feel like they’re making a statement, the truth is they’re just creating more chaos and division in our society.

So, when will we say enough is enough? When will we stop allowing these lawless zones to exist and hold those responsible for violence and destruction accountable? It’s time for our leaders to stand up for law and order and end these dangerous “autonomous zones” once and for all.

We cannot allow our cities to become playgrounds for radical activists with their own dangerous agendas. It’s time to end this madness and restore law and order in our nation.