Public Education System in Mexico Sparks Mass Protest

Christian groups in Mexico have taken to the streets in protest against the country’s Department of Education. The protests, which included the burning of textbooks believed to be tainted with “Marxist-communist” indoctrination, have drawn thousands of concerned parents and residents from various parts of Mexico.

According to a report by Mexico News Daily, parents affiliated with Christian organizations have voiced their strong opposition to new textbooks released by the Ministry of Public Education, citing concerns about the inclusion of sexual and gender ideology content. The protests gathered significant momentum, with an estimated 12,000 people participating in the demonstrations, reflecting the depth of concern within these communities.

One notable incident occurred in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas, where Evangelical Christians make up a significant portion of the population. In this community, parents took a dramatic stand by piling up boxes of controversial textbooks, dousing them with fuel, and setting them ablaze in a symbolic gesture of protest.

The controversy surrounding these textbooks has galvanized parents into activism, resulting in the collection of over 112,000 signatures in a petition that demands an immediate halt to the distribution of the textbooks. The petition argues that the textbooks contain “sexualized and gender ideology content inserted without parental consultation,” a concern that has fueled the passionate response from parents and Christian groups alike.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador addressed the protests, asserting that the parents involved are “misinformed and manipulated” by a politicized agenda that falsely claims the presence of a “virus of communism” within the new textbooks. The president acknowledged the right to demonstrate, emphasizing the principles of freedom that underlie these actions. He conceded that the textbooks might benefit from improvement but attributed the widespread outrage to political maneuvering.

Responding to allegations that the textbooks are infused with gender ideology indoctrination, President López Obrador firmly denied these claims, stating that the materials had been prepared by teachers and experts. He highlighted the importance of providing accurate information and education to the nation’s youth while defending the integrity of the educational materials in question.


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