‘Real Housewives’ Star Fired Over Comments

It seems that Hollywood is up to their old liberal antics again, this time targeting a “Real Housewives” cast member for her conservative views.

Annemarie Wiley, who joined the popular Beverly Hills franchise for its thirteenth season, has been given the boot from the show after clashing with her co-stars and expressing her support for former President Donald Trump.

According to sources close to the show, Wiley was open about her support for Trump and her involvement with the MAGA movement. It seems that Hollywood executives were not too pleased with her outspoken political views, especially in an election year when tensions are high. But what is really shocking is the reasoning behind Wiley’s dismissal.

As one of only two Black cast members, Wiley’s presence on the show should have brought a refreshing diversity of perspectives. However, it seems that her co-stars, particularly Crystal Kung-Minkoff, were “disgusted” by her pro-Trump stance.

This is a clear example of how the left continues to push their divisive narrative. And in Hollywood, it seems that refusing to conform to the liberal agenda is grounds for being dismissed.

But it’s not just Wiley who has faced backlash for her conservative beliefs. Just last year, her husband, former NFL player Marcellus Wiley, made headlines when he spoke out against pro-transgender policies in youth sports.

And let’s not forget the recent incident with “Yellowstone” actor Forrie J. Smith, who was kicked off a flight for refusing to sit next to a masked passenger. It seems that Hollywood is not just content with silencing conservatives on screen, but they are now going to great lengths to do so off-screen as well.

It’s a sad reality that in today’s society, voicing support for a sitting president and questioning liberal policies are considered controversial and grounds for dismissal. Hollywood claims to be open-minded and tolerant, but when it comes to conservative viewpoints, they have no problem silencing them. It’s a double standard that needs to be addressed, and it’s a shame that it’s happening even within the “entertainment” industry.