Rumors Swirl About HUGE New GOP Job for MyPillow CEO

Toward the tumultuous end of Donald Trump’s time as the President of the United States, his relationship with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell appeared to be growing ever stronger as the latter continued to provide the former with claims of tomfoolery within Dominion Voting Systems’ machines.

The publicity immediately cemented Lindell within the GOP hierarchy, and the pillow salesman suddenly found himself a leading voice within the MAGA Movement, (or at least the fringes of it).

Now, however, it appears as though there may be a much more mainstream gig in his sights.

There are more GOP voters who want to see MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell lead the Republican National Committee (RNC) than those who want to see current chair Ronna McDaniel reelected, according to a new poll.

The poll released Thursday by Rasmussen Reports found that 30 percent of likely Republican voters want Lindell to be the next RNC chair, compared to the 15 percent who backed McDaniel and 20 percent who picked Harmeet Dhillon, an attorney for former President Donald Trump. Another 15 percent said they didn’t support any of the three and 21 percent were undecided.

The RNC head is not elected by everyday Republican voters, but rather by committee members of the national party’s governing body. A candidate needs a simple majority, or 85 of 168 votes, to win. Members will convene on Friday for the secret-ballot election.

But is he really a contender?

Although Lindell is among the three candidates, McDaniel and Dhillon have emerged as the key candidates. McDaniel has already received an endorsement from more than 100 RNC members, but Dhillon told Politico that she still think she has an “excellent chance” of pulling an upset, and the outlet estimated that she could wrangle about 60 votes from McDaniel.

McDaniel has been in the hot seat for some time, becoming a victim of the Republican Party’s growing ideological divide, making her tenure a tenuous one at best.