Russia Makes Major, Illegal Maneuver in Ukraine, Sparking Int’l Concern

And so it has come to this…

Vladimir Putin, feeling the desperate sting of defeat looming over the horizon in Ukraine, is now pathetically suggesting that 4 regions of the sovereign nation are now, suddenly and inexplicably, part of Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has moved to formally annex four Ukrainian territories, signing what he calls “accession treaties” that world powers refuse to recognize. It’s Putin’s latest attempt to redraw the map of Europe at Ukraine’s expense.

“The people made their choice,”said Putin in a signing ceremony at the Kremlin’s St. George hall. “And that choice won’t be betrayed” by Russia, he said.

The Russian leader called on Ukraine to end hostilities and hold negotiations with Moscow — but insisted that the status of the annexed territories was not up for discussion.

The Russian tyrant was stern.

“I want the authorities in Kyiv and their real overlords in the West to hear me: The residents of Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson are becoming our citizens,” Putin said. “Forever.”

The referenda used to “approve” the annexation are universally believed to have been rigged, (as was a similar vote in Crimea in 2014), and the international community is simply refusing to acknowledge Putin’s claims.

Furthermore, and reeking of intense desperation, some of these locales “annexed” by Russia are not even under Russian control, and a Ukrainian advance in Lyman could decimate Putin’s forces to the point where even more land is liberated by the Ukrainians in the coming days.