Scandal Revealed: Gov. Slams Dominion Over Tucker Carlson’s Exit

In a recent development that has sparked controversy and speculation, Texas Governor Greg Abbott voiced concerns regarding Dominion Voting Systems and its alleged role in the departure of popular conservative prime-time host Tucker Carlson from Fox News.

According to reports, Carlson was informed by a member of the network’s board of directors that his removal from the airwaves was part of Fox News’ settlement with Dominion. However, both Fox News and Dominion have denied any connection between Carlson’s departure and the settlement.

Governor Abbott took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the matter, stating, “If the reporting is true, then I am happy that Dominion does not operate in Texas.” The governor emphasized the importance of preserving differing viewpoints and condemned any attempts to stifle opposing opinions. He further called for Dominion to address questions regarding their involvement, if any, in silencing a prominent conservative journalist.

Fox News, through a spokesperson, dismissed the idea that Carlson’s departure was linked to the settlement, categorically labeling it as false. Likewise, an attorney for Dominion confirmed that they did not insist on Carlson being fired. A Dominion spokesperson echoed these sentiments, affirming that there was no connection between Carlson and the settlement, and any claims suggesting otherwise are baseless.

It is worth noting that Carlson’s departure came shortly after Fox News settled a defamation lawsuit with Dominion, amounting to over $780 million. The lawsuit centered around the network’s coverage of former President Trump and his allies’ claims of election fraud during the 2020 presidential election.

Notably, Tucker Carlson hosted the most-watched prime-time cable news show in the country at the time of his departure. While his Fox News contract extends until the beginning of 2025, the network’s decision to part ways with him has left many speculating about the circumstances surrounding his exit. Although Fox News will continue to honor the terms of the contract by paying Carlson, it includes a non-compete provision that restricts his ability to launch another show.

Recently, Carlson announced his intention to move his show to Twitter, generating significant attention with his announcement video receiving over 128 million views on the platform. This development indicates that the popular host remains committed to delivering his perspective to a wide audience despite his departure from Fox News.

As the situation unfolds, it remains essential to seek further clarity on the events surrounding Tucker Carlson’s departure from Fox News and any potential involvement of Dominion Voting Systems. The intersection of media, politics, and the electoral process raises important questions about the free expression of differing opinions and the potential influence of corporations. With a commitment to transparency and robust public discourse, we can navigate these issues while upholding the values of our democracy.

The Hill