SPOOKY: Northwest Cops Investigating Gruesome Livestock Slayings

Everyone knows about Roswell, New Mexico, where a supposed flying saucer landed back in the 1940’s, and most folks have heard of Area 51 – the American government’s secret airbase out in the middle of the Nevada desert.  But, beyond that, the true scope of the UFO phenomenon is largely lost to the general public.

If you were to take a few more steps into the UFO subculture, you would soon find yourself staring at gruesome photographs of would-be ribeye steaks taken from this earth by some ghastly event.

We’re talking about cattle mutilation:  A phenomenon that has been around for decades, and always loosely associated with UFO sightings.

Now, in 2021, it’s Oregon’s turn to take a crack at solving the mystery.

Authorities in Oregon are investigating yet another series of mysterious cattle mutilations that have been plaguing the state for the last few years in what might best be described as a slowly unfolding flap. The latest development came to light earlier this month when the Crook County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release wherein they announced to the public that they were in the process of investigating “multiple suspicious cattle deaths” which occurred on “very rural ranch land as well as public BLM land.”

Although the bulletin was lacking in details such as where and when the incidents had specifically occurred, it did provide one rather tantalizing insight, indicating that “the cause of these cattle deaths were not natural.” Sergeant Mitch Madden of the Sheriff’s Office subsequently provided a bit more information to a local TV station, telling them that they were investigating three cases as well as a possible fourth event and that, in each instance, “certain body parts were removed from the cows.”

Cattle mutilation cases have been explained through mainstream science as being natural deaths at a specific level of decomposition in which some of the “unusual” features are truly just a part of the process.