Third Country Looks to be Entering Russia-Ukraine War

As Russia continues to falter in Ukraine, there has been a great deal of speculation about how Vladimir Putin can turn the tide of war in his favor.

He’s running out of munitions, and he’s already run out of troops once.  To make matters worse, the 300,000 conscripted civilians that he has sent to replace them are untrained and unwilling to fight.  Some have even resorted to tying white flags to their tank’s gun barrel and driving it right over as a gift for the Ukrainians.

If he uses nuclear weapons, he’ll have the western world breathing down his neck in no time flat, so we have to assume he’s simply bluffing with his recent threats.

And so, in what appears to be a transparent effort to better his chances, Putin’s is pulling some of his puppets’ strings.

There are fears Belarus may be looking for an excuse to formally join the war on Ukraine after it accused Kyiv of planning to attack them.

According to Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, their ambassador in the Belarusian capital of Minsk, Ihor Kyzym, was summoned by Belarus’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and presented with a diplomatic note accusing Ukraine of “planning an attack on the territory of Belarus.”

Ukraine was quick to respond.

“This information does not correspond to reality,” the Ukrainians insisted in an official statement published in English.

“We categorically reject yet another insinuation of the Belarusian regime,” they added, warning that they “do not rule out that the handing over of the diplomatic note may be part of the plan of the Russian Federation to carry out a provocation to further accuse Ukraine.”

Belarus is essentially a Russian territory disguised as a sovereign nation, with many geopolitical experts believing that Minsk takes their marching orders from Moscow.