UK Give ‘Mary Poppins’ Movie PG Rating

In today’s world, it seems like nothing is off-limits when it comes to cancel culture and political correctness. And now, it looks like even classic children’s movies aren’t safe from the ever-changing standards of what is deemed “acceptable.”

It was recently announced that the British Board of Film Classification has bumped up the rating for Disney’s beloved film, Mary Poppins. That’s right, a movie that has been a favorite among families for over 50 years, is now deemed unsuitable for young children. Why, you may ask? Because of two instances where a “discriminatory term” was used.

The BBFC has deemed the use of the word “hottentots” as “racially insensitive,” and therefore, unacceptable. Now, for those of us who may not be experts in the field of political correctness, let me explain. The term is used to describe the Khoekhoe people, an indigenous group in South Africa. But here’s the thing, the word is only used twice, and it’s by a character who is describing chimney sweepers with soot-covered faces.

The BBFC claims that their decision is based on concerns from parents about exposing their children to “discriminatory language or behavior.”

And let’s not forget, Mary Poppins is a movie that promotes values of love, kindness, and family. It’s a movie that has stood the test of time and has been enjoyed by generations of families. But apparently, that’s not enough for the cancel culture crusaders. They want to nitpick and find fault in everything, even in innocent movies meant for children.

Ironically, a movie that teaches children important lessons about compassion and acceptance is being censored. It just goes to show how ridiculous the standards of political correctness have become. We can only hope that common sense will eventually prevail, and we can all go back to enjoying classic movies without fear of offending anyone.