VIDEO: Pilot Captures ‘Foo Fighters’ Footage Over North Carolina

While the term “Foo Fighters” presently usually refers to an influential rock band fronted by former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl, the colloquial itself has its origins in a spooky World War II legend.

During that conflict, fighter pilots were consistently reporting strange, glowing orbs of light in the skies over Europe.  These bizarre anomalies would shadow the pilots on nighttime bombing runs, with no explanation whatsoever.

Now, some seven decades later, a pilot over North Carolina has filmed what he believes could be a bevy of the legendary objects.

The intriguing incident reportedly occurred on Friday, August 12th as the unnamed witness was en route to Washington D.C. while working for a “major airline in the United States.” The sighting began when he and the captain of the aircraft noticed some pulsing lights off in the distance. Over the next 35 minutes, the duo watched the weird illuminations which the witness described as lasting around 8 to 10 seconds and building gradually from dim to very bright before fading into darkness.


Mystified by what he was seeing, the witness managed to capture some of the sighting on film and provided a wealth of detail in a report on the experience. Noting that “very few civilian aircraft can fly above 41,000 feet,” the pilot indicated that “the objects were about 10 degrees above the horizon from our perspective.” Additionally, the witness observed that the objects “never seemed to get any closer, even though we covered about 250 nautical miles in that time.” That puzzling aspect of the sighting has led the pilot to theorize that “they were in either the upper atmosphere or in space.”

The bizarre video can be seen below: