Wade Pauses Interview With Collins On CNN

During an interview with CNN host Kaitlin Collins, former Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade experienced quite an unexpected turn of events. He abruptly stopped mid-answer and walked off to consult with his staff. Let’s break down what happened!

So, the conversation started with Collins asking Wade about his current relationship with the District Attorney. Wade mentioned that he and the DA are great friends and talk regularly. He emphasized that their discussions had shifted from case-related matters to more personal concerns, like handling threats and maintaining safety.

Things took a dramatic turn when Collins sought to clarify the nature and timeline of Wade’s romantic relationship with the DA. Wade began to respond, but then he suddenly received a signal from his media consultant. This interruption led to a flurry of off-mic activity. Amid the confusion, a voice in the background urged to keep the cameras rolling. Wade got up and consulted with his team, leaving Collins and the audience in suspense.

After a brief off-camera consultation, Wade returned to continue the interview. Collins revisited her question, seeking specifics about the romantic relationship’s timeline. Wade responded by downplaying the relevance of the relationship, labeling it a distraction from the case’s more important facts and the indictment.

Collins pressed further, pointing out that the relationship could potentially impact the Court of Appeal’s view on the investigation’s integrity. Wade deflected, stating that discussing the relationship could jeopardize the court’s ruling. He insisted that it was best to let the court evaluate the evidence independently.

Despite Collins’ persistent questioning, Wade remained cautious and avoided giving clear dates about the relationship. He reiterated his stance that discussing these details could interfere with the ongoing legal processes and preferred to let the court handle the matter.

This interview certainly had its share of drama, with Wade’s sudden departure and the behind-the-scenes scramble adding to the tension.

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