Biden Gives Speech At Goffstown, NH

President Joe Biden’s mental acuity has been called into question once again after a recent speech in New Hampshire. In a moment of confusion, Biden referred to the late Senator John McCain as his “predecessor,” sparking confusion and concern among listeners. This is not the first time Biden has had a slip of the tongue, leading many to question his ability to lead the nation effectively.

“Tremendous amount of things you can cut, maybe precisely, tremendous amount of things you can do, not cut. Tremendous amount of things you can do, not cut. He said, I will, and the bottom line is, he’s still at it,” Biden said.

“Not long ago, my buddy John McCain passed away.”

“My predecessor friend, that’s how he ended his career,” Biden stated, leaving everyone confused over his use of “predecessor” to describe McCain, a fellow senator and one-time presidential candidate, but never a president.

During his State of the Union address, Biden appeared angry and “juiced up,” leading some to question his state of mind. Yet, despite his apparent vigor during the speech, Biden has continued to struggle with basic facts and coherent speech. A recent report from Special Counsel Robert Hur highlighted the president’s significant limitations in remembering and handling sensitive information.

In his latest gaffe, Biden not only referred to McCain as his “predecessor” but also stated that dying is a way to “end your career.” This statement is not only insensitive but also shows a lack of understanding from the president. It is clear that Biden’s mental abilities are deteriorating, leaving the nation vulnerable and in danger.

Despite these concerns, the left continues to turn a blind eye to Biden’s obvious struggles. They continue to defend his mental fitness and allow him to lead the country, even when it is clear that he is not capable of doing so. It is time for whoever is running the show behind the scenes to step up and call for the 25th Amendment.

Biden’s mental decline is not just a national concern but also a danger to the nation. His gaffes and inability to handle basic tasks are alarming and should not be ignored. The recent ABC poll shows that his approval ratings remain low, and many Americans are losing faith in his ability to lead.

During the State of the Union, Biden promised to “unite and heal” the nation, yet his actions and words show a different story. He continues to spread falsehoods about the economy and fumbles through his speeches, unable to maintain his thoughts. This is not a leader that the American people can trust or rely on.

It is time for the left to put politics aside and acknowledge the reality of the situation. Joe Biden’s mental decline is not something that can be ignored any longer. He is a danger to the nation, and his presidency must be questioned and addressed.

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