SCOTUS Stays Previous Ruling In Texas Case

Just when it seemed like hope was on the horizon for Texas, the Supreme Court has extended an administrative stay on a crucial immigration law.

SB4, which was set to take effect on Wednesday, would give Texas officials the power to prosecute illegal immigrants for unlawfully crossing the border. This was a much-needed reflection of the state’s determination to uphold the rule of law and protect its citizens from the rampant illegal immigration crisis.

The Biden administration’s Department of Justice (DOJ) has once again stood in the way of progress, arguing that the legislation is unconstitutional. However, this is just another example of the Biden administration’s failure to effectively handle the ongoing crisis at the southern border.

Rather than supporting states’ efforts to combat illegal immigration, the Biden DOJ is hindering their ability to enforce federal law and protect their communities. As we can see,the Biden administration is more concerned with political posturing and pandering to their far-left base than actually addressing the crisis at the border.

Meanwhile, states like Texas are left to deal with the consequences of their reckless policies. This clearly violates our nation’s principles and responsibilities to secure our border.

SB4 is not just a matter of enforcing immigration laws. It’s about protecting the safety and security of American citizens. Texas, like many other border states, has been overwhelmed by a surge of illegal crossings since the beginning of the Biden administration.

With close to 9 million encounters and an estimated 1.7 million gotaways, it’s clear that the current administration’s lax approach has encouraged illegal immigrants to test our country’s borders.

This is not just a problem for border states; it’s a national crisis with far-reaching implications. But while the Biden administration has turned a blind eye to this issue, Governor Greg Abbott and other local law enforcement officials have been working tirelessly to address the influx of illegal immigrants. And SB4 would have been another tool to help them protect their communities and uphold the rule of law.