Biden Campaign Joins Trump’s Truth Social!

The Biden campaign has announced its foray into former President Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social. The campaign officials revealed to Fox News Digital that the decision is driven by the strategy of “meeting voters where they are,” despite the platform being widely associated with Trump and his conservative base.

A Biden campaign official emphasized the diversity of opinion within the Republican party, stating, “Republicans can’t even agree on a Speaker of the House, so clearly, not every Republican thinks the same.” The move seems to be an attempt to engage with a spectrum of voices within the GOP, recognizing the internal divisions.

The campaign plans to use its presence on Truth Social to counter what they label as “mis and disinformation” about President Biden. With the handle @BidenHQ, they aim to inject their message into the GOP primary coverage, challenging narratives that may be unfavorable to the current administration.

A senior Biden campaign aide expressed a sense of skepticism about the truthfulness of content on Truth Social, saying, “There’s very little ‘truth’ happening on TruthSocial, but at least now it’ll be a little fun.”

The campaign’s first post stated: “Well. Let’s see how this goes. Converts welcome!”

Campaign officials expressed the intention to hold “MAGA accountable on their own platform,” signaling a proactive approach to challenge and fact-check narratives they deem as misinformation. They draw a parallel with their existing presence on “X,” formerly known as Twitter, where they share content of Republicans attacking opponents.

Describing the move as “going into the lion’s den to point out Republicans’ hypocrisy and have a little fun at their own expense,” Biden’s team appears poised for an active and possibly confrontational role on Truth Social.

Truth Social, characterized by its CEO and former Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., as a “free, open platform,” has been Trump’s preferred space since 2022. In response to the Biden campaign’s move, a Trump campaign spokesperson, Steven Cheung, framed it as an acknowledgment of the platform’s significance, asserting, “Truth Social is hot as a pistol and the only place where real news happens.”

“Crooked Joe Biden and his team are finally acknowledging that Truth Social is hot as a pistol and the only place where real news happens,” Cheung said. “Unfortunately for Biden, his continuation of spreading misinformation to gaslight the American people in order to distract from his disastrous record won’t work and they’ll be ratioed to oblivion.”