NYC School Staffer’s Controversial Comments Cause Firestorm of Backlash!

A New York City public school teacher, Mohammad Jehad Ahmad, has sparked controversy by expressing support for the Hamas terrorist organization and its assault on Israeli civilians. According to his LinkedIn profile, Ahmad teaches at Gotham Tech High School. The controversy arose when he changed his Facebook cover photo to an image depicting a person paragliding with a Palestinian flag attached to the parachute, accompanied by the statement “I stand with Palestine.”

The same image, widely shared by a Black Lives Matter chapter, references Hamas terrorists descending onto Israeli communities with parachutes and gliders, resulting in the tragic deaths of hundreds of people, including the butchering of 260 teens and young adults at an Israeli music festival. The shocking nature of Ahmad’s celebration of such violence has raised concerns about the safety of Jewish students in his classroom.

Social worker Justin Spiro brought attention to Ahmad’s Facebook post, expressing disbelief at the celebration of violence against civilians. Spiro shared the screenshot with his followers, questioning how Jews could feel safe in Ahmad’s classroom. In response, Ahmad doubled down on his position, espousing anti-Israel rhetoric and dismissing Israel as a “settler colony” built on terrorism, dispossession, and ethnic cleansing.

The controversy further escalated when Ahmad criticized the New York Post’s report on the Department of Education sending teachers a list of websites for class discussion on the Israel-Hamas war. While some critics argued that the distributed links had an “anti-Israel bias,” Ahmad took an opposing stance, accusing Schools Chancellor David Banks of disseminating “Zionist propaganda.” He echoed the controversial chant, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” which implies the elimination of Israel.

Despite the public outcry, Ahmad continued to reject condemnation of the Hamas attacks. Spiro pressed him on whether he supported or condemned the terrorist acts, emphasizing the brutal consequences, including the murder of teens and young adults at a music festival and the killing of babies and children in neighboring towns.

Fox News Digital reached out to Gotham Tech High School, the New York City Department of Education, and the mayor’s office for comments, but received no immediate response. Three days after the Hamas attack, Chancellor Banks addressed the atrocities, condemning the violence and expressing solidarity with the affected staff and families. He emphasized the commitment to ensuring the safety, support, and respect of every student, staff member, and community stakeholder in New York City schools.

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