DEMS Strike Again: New Ban On This WILL Be Imposed

The Democrat-Media Complex strikes again, folks. Remember when we conservatives were called crazy conspiracy theorists for warning that the Left wanted to ban gas stoves? Well, now the Left is taking one step closer to making that a reality. New York Governor Kathy Hochul has announced that a budget deal has been reached that would prohibit gas hookups in new buildings.

Of course, this deal will not affect existing buildings and gas stoves. However, it’s important to note that this would make future construction costs more expensive, as pointed out by New York Republican politician Lee Zeldin. “The Democrats enthusiastically pummeling New York into the ground are about to pass a statewide ban of gas hookups on new construction,” he tweeted. “Such a terrible idea! Kathy Hochul and her cohorts are fast-tracking the downward spiral of a once greatest state.”

And it’s not just New York that is considering this ban. At the federal level, the Biden administration is considering a proposed energy efficiency rule from the Department of Energy (DOE) that could remove up to 50% of current gas stoves from the U.S. market if enacted. That means if you have a gas hookup in your building, buying a new stove down the road could be significantly more expensive.

This is another example of the Left’s obsession with climate change and the desire to control every aspect of our lives. It’s not enough for them to push for alternative energy sources. They also want to ban traditional ones like gas stoves. And they’ll do it under the guise of “energy efficiency” or “climate change mitigation.” But let’s be honest, it’s just another power grab.

We should all be concerned about this trend towards banning gas stoves. Not only will it make construction costs more expensive, but it will limit our choices as consumers. We should be free to choose what kind of stove we want to use in our homes. And let’s not forget the impact this will have on the economy. The gas stove industry employs thousands of people across the country. If the Left gets their way, many of these jobs will be lost.

In conclusion, we must continue to be vigilant and speak out against these kinds of bans. We cannot let the Left control every aspect of our lives in the name of climate change. Let’s stand up for our freedom of choice and our economy.