DeSantis Takes Aim at Biden’s Presidency

In his recent announcement of his intention to run for a second term as President, Joe Biden used the slogan, “Let’s finish this job. I know we can.” However, Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and his team took aim at this slogan, suggesting that American families are still grappling with numerous issues under Biden’s presidency. In a video posted on social media, DeSantis’ team questioned what job it was that Biden wanted to finish, given the current state of the country.

The video began by playing a clip of Biden’s announcement, where he uttered the words, “Let’s finish this job. I know we can.” However, the voiceover in the video asked, “Hey Joe, what job is it that you want to finish?” before playing a clip of Biden getting tongue-tied in a past speech. “Um, hang on. Uh,” he says in the clip, looking confused. “Maybe it’s this one,” the voice says, playing a video clip of a commentator talking about the U.S. facing an economic recession. “Or how about this one?” the voice says, playing a video clip of a news report on the rise in violent crime across the country.

The video also highlighted the worsening border crisis under Biden’s leadership and the historic rates of inflation seen since the start of his presidency. The video concluded by saying, “You know what, Joe, we’d rather you not finish the job.” The video was not the only sharp response to Biden’s announcement from the Republican party. Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., another possible presidential candidate himself, said that another Biden term would be a disaster for the American people.

DeSantis is considered by some to be a formidable challenger to Trump, the current front-runner in the race, and has been mulling his own bid for the White House. Although he has not yet officially launched his campaign, this video serves as a reminder of the issues he believes are plaguing American families under Biden’s leadership.

Biden’s “Finish the Job” slogan is a bold claim given the current state of our country. Inflation rates are at historic highs, crime rates are soaring, and the border crisis continues to worsen. It’s no surprise that Republicans, including DeSantis and Scott, are skeptical of another Biden term.

Fox News