Did Your Dog Act Strange on Sunday Night? Science Explains Why

The bond between man and beast is a strange one, on its face, as we watch the only truly sentient being on the planet build two-way relationship with a number of domesticated animals, with none being a more profound and historic partnership than the one we share with dogs.

For pet owners, this is especially true.  We see our furry friends as parts of the family and, because they share only a limited line of communication with us, we’re often very much in-tune with their behavior, always checking to make sure they’re feeling okay.

So when something unseen is bothering our hyper-vigilant pooch-pals, we take notice.  Like on Sunday night, when dog owners from a number of locales began reporting that their family pets were acting strange.

Scientists seem to have found the explanation.

Did your dog or cat wake suddenly between 11:30 p.m. and midnight Sunday? There may be an explanation.

FOX 17 Code Red Meteorologist Greg Bobos says a solar flare that cause a coronal mass ejection impacted the planet.

The behaviors were varied, but consistent in their timing.

Since dogs (and some cats) are sensitive to Earth’s magnetic field, this could explain the baffling behavior many pet owners observed Sunday.

FOX 17 News viewers across Middle Tennessee have sent us reports of their dogs waking suddenly. Melissa in Portland, Tennessee says it sounded like someone “knocked on the door three times lightly.”

“Around 11ish sound like someone knocked one the door three times lightly heard it two times,” Melissa said. “Dogs went nuts.”

Donia, in Hendersonville, says her dog also woke up around 11:30 p.m. to midnight.

“Our dog woke up between 1130 and 12 last night growling and then peed on our comforter,” Donia tells FOX 17 News. “He never pees in the house much less in the bed. Weird!”

Solar flares don’t only affect our animal friends, however, with many of the more significant events causing trouble with GPS and satellite communications as well.