East Palestine Mayor Comments On Biden Visit

President Joe Biden has finally announced plans to visit the site of the devastating train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, a full year after the tragic incident occurred. However, as the wheels of Air Force One make their descent on the small town, not everyone is rolling out the red carpet for the president.

Mayor Trent Conaway of East Palestine, Ohio, who initially welcomed Biden to the town and even sent a letter requesting federal assistance, is now not so keen on the president’s visit. In fact, during a recent interview on Fox News, Conaway doubled down on his criticism of Biden and even suggested that the best time for the president to visit would be in February 2025- after former President Trump is re-elected.

“The best time for Biden to visit would be February 2025 when he’s on his book tour,” Conaway said last month. 

“I 100% stand by the comment about the book tour. I think that’s the best time for him personally,” the mayor said. “I think the best time for him to come would have been whenever this happened.”

The mayor’s frustration with Biden stems from the lack of leadership and assistance from the administration and Norfolk Southern, the company responsible for the train derailment. Despite Biden’s promises to visit the town, he has yet to follow through, choosing to spend his weekends at the beach and eating ice cream instead.

But the President’s criticism is not limited to just the train derailment. During a recent visit to Dearborn, Michigan, Arab Americans protested his support for Israel’s attacks on Gaza. Many are calling for a boycott of his visit to the state. In fact, some Democratic candidates in Dearborn have already lost support from Middle Eastern voters due to their strong support for Israel.

It’s clear that Biden’s lack of action and support for the Palestinian people is not sitting well with some Americans, including those in his own party. Even the president of the UAW, a major supporter of Democrats, has called for a ceasefire and compared the situation in Gaza to the Vietnam War- a war that even Martin Luther King Jr. himself opposed. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre recently stated that “Israel has a right to defend itself,” drawing boos from the community in Dearborn.

The people of East Palestine are still waiting for his promised visit, and Arab Americans both in Michigan and across the country are growing increasingly fed up with his lack of support and action for their community. As the 2024 election approaches, it’s clear that Biden’s inaction and broken promises will not be forgotten by those who have been affected by his lack of leadership.

Townhall | Detroit Free Press