Outrage Over Diplomatic Immunity After Cop Seriously Injured

In yet another example of those with connections and privilege getting away with breaking the law, a teenage diplomat’s son is set to walk free after purposely running over a police officer in Florida. Avraham Gil, son of Israeli Consul Eli Gil, was caught on camera weaving through traffic on his motorcycle before intentionally striking a Sunny Isles Beach police lieutenant. But thanks to his father’s diplomatic immunity, Gil may not face any consequences for his violent actions.

According to reports, the lieutenant was conducting a routine traffic stop when he saw Gil recklessly driving through the busy streets. Despite the officer’s attempts to stop him, Gil callously continued on his path before ultimately running over the cop, causing him “incapacitating” injuries. And what was the teenager’s reason for this senseless attack? He allegedly “hates waiting behind traffic.” How convenient that this privileged young man’s impatience may result in him getting off scot-free.

But this is not the first time Avraham Gil has clashed with law enforcement. In fact, there have been at least two other incidents where he was involved in reckless behavior on his motorcycle. In one instance, he even fled from police after they attempted to pull him over. But thanks to the Miami Shores’ policy of not pursuing traffic violators, Gil was able to evade any consequences. It seems that being the son of a diplomat has its perks, even when breaking the law.

And let’s not forget about the ironic vanity plate on Avraham Gil’s motorcycle: “PLS CHASE.” It’s almost as if he’s taunting the police, daring them to go after him knowing full well that his connections will protect him. And they did, with the officer who pulled him over on New Year’s Eve calling up his parents after learning of their diplomatic status. It’s no wonder this entitled teenager thought he could get away with anything.

But it’s not just Gil’s behavior that is concerning, it’s the potential loophole in Miami-Dade law that could allow him to avoid facing consequences for his actions. According to a legal analyst, diplomatic immunity may not apply to Gil because of the type of diplomat his father is. But if that’s the case, then why has he not been charged with any crimes yet? It seems that the Miami-Dade law may need to be reassessed to prevent anyone from using diplomatic immunity to escape punishment for their crimes in the future.

Meanwhile, the police officer who was struck by Gil remains out of work due to his injuries. It’s a shame that while Gil’s father is able to enjoy complete immunity from the criminal jurisdiction of the host country’s courts, his son is out there causing harm to innocent people. This is just another example of those in positions of power and privilege getting away with breaking the law, while hard-working officers are left to pick up the pieces.

New York Post