RNC Faces Outrage After Finance Report Goes Public

It seems that the Republican National Committee just can’t shake its spending habits. Over a year after a RedState investigation revealed excessive and luxurious spending by the RNC, new reports show that the party is still splurging on things like private jets, floral arrangements, and high-end retail stores. This is a far cry from the frugal principles that have long been a staple of conservatism.

Back in 2010, RNC Chair Michael Steele faced backlash and ultimately lost his position thanks to donor outrage over his extravagant spending on private jets, chauffeur services, and fancy Member meetings in tropical locales. Under the George W. Bush administration, the RNC was known for its frugality – Karl Rove wouldn’t tolerate a single flower on the tables, and even staff holiday parties were catered by Chick-fil-A.

But now, it seems that the RNC has fallen back into old habits. And this time, it’s even worse. Reports of a cash shortage heading into a critical election year have prompted the RNC to seek a $10 million line of credit in its 2024 budget. And let’s not forget the millions of donor dollars being spent on unnecessary items like floral arrangements, private jets, and Broadway shows.

To make matters worse, a comparison between the RNC’s spending and that of the Democratic National Committee reveals some shocking discrepancies. While the DNC focused its spending on efforts that actually matter for winning elections – like voter outreach and GOTV efforts – the RNC was busy splurging on office supplies, management consulting, and limousines. Yes, you read that right – limousines.

And it gets better. It turns out that some of the RNC’s “consulting” expenses actually went to companies owned by RNC insiders. One company, Pearson Unlimited, is owned by C.J. Pearson, co-chair of the RNC Youth Advisory Committee. How’s that for transparency and fiscal responsibility?

But wait, it gets even better. An RNC spokeswoman tried to defend these excessive spending habits by pointing out that the DNC also spent money on consulting and beauty expenses. But upon closer inspection, it seems that the RNC’s spokeswoman was a bit off in her calculations – the DNC spent over $3 million on consulting and over $25,000 on beauty expenses, while the RNC only spent $100,000 on consulting and $0 on beauty expenses. Maybe she should brush up on her math skills before trying to brush off these alarming facts.

The RNC needs to get its financial house in order if it wants to earn the trust and support of grassroots activists. It’s time for the party to prioritize responsible spending that will benefit its mission of winning elections, instead of splurging on unnecessary and unjustifiable luxuries.