Former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Makes Allegations Against Biden and Hunter Biden

In a recent exclusive interview with Fox News, former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin claimed that President Joe Biden, during his time as vice president, played a significant role in his firing due to his investigation into Burisma, a Ukrainian natural gas company where Hunter Biden served on the board. Shokin alleged that both Joe and Hunter Biden accepted bribes in connection with the case and contended that their actions laid the groundwork for Russia’s subsequent invasion of Ukraine.

Shokin asserted that his dismissal in 2016 was a result of pressure from then-Vice President Biden, which led to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko firing him. While Shokin did not provide additional evidence to support his bribery allegations, he maintained that his investigation was thwarted due to political pressure.

Former Vice President Biden, during his tenure, publicly advocated for the removal of Shokin, citing concerns about corruption in the Ukrainian government and Shokin’s perceived lack of action. Biden recounted a conversation where he threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid unless Shokin was fired. The White House has consistently maintained that Shokin was dismissed because of his perceived ineffectiveness in fighting corruption.

Shokin also linked Hunter Biden’s involvement with Burisma to corruption, claiming that his position on the board was intended to leverage Joe Biden’s role in the White House. He alleged that Burisma was involved in illegal activities, including the illegal production and sale of natural gas supplies.

Shokin’s claims were supported by Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Devon Archer, who testified that Hunter was tasked with seeking assistance from Washington to remove Shokin from office.

The White House, however, dismissed Shokin’s allegations as debunked and false. It emphasized that Shokin’s office was not actively investigating Burisma or Hunter Biden at the time of his firing, and pointed to multiple reports from reputable sources corroborating this.

Shokin’s statements also brought attention to his own track record as prosecutor general. Critics, including former U.S. officials, have accused Shokin of failing to prosecute corruption cases during his tenure. He responded by challenging anyone to provide evidence of his personal corruption or misconduct.

Despite Shokin’s claims, multiple accounts from U.S. officials and international bodies indicated that his dismissal was motivated by concerns over his commitment to fighting corruption. Shokin’s allegations regarding Biden’s involvement in the Russian annexation of Crimea were also not substantiated by historical timelines, and the White House noted that he assumed office after the annexation.

Shokin indicated that his perspective on Biden’s actions in Ukraine is detailed in his book, expressing concerns for his safety given his role and the political controversy surrounding his dismissal.

Fox News