Georgia State Senate Begins Hearings On Willis

Georgia’s Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is in hot water and facing calls for her disqualification from the prosecution of former President Donald Trump and his co-defendants.

The state’s Senate special committee investigating Willis held a public hearing on March 6th featuring critical witness testimony that revealed even more explosive details about the DA’s alleged corruption and prosecutorial misconduct.

One of the main witnesses who testified was defense attorney Ashleigh Merchant, whose motion to disqualify Willis exposed the DA’s affair with the special prosecutor she hired to go after Trump.

The scandal has been brewing for months, with accusations that Willis was involved in a romantic relationship with private-practice attorney Nathan Wade, who was grossly overpaid with taxpayer dollars for his work on the Trump case. Additionally, text messages between Merchant and Wade’s ex-divorce lawyer, Terrence Bradley, reveal that Willis and Wade allegedly started the affair far earlier than they have claimed under oath.

While Bradley initially agreed to testify on behalf of the defense, he ultimately changed his mind and tried to claim attorney-client privilege. The Senate committee, however, has full subpoena power and has called on Merchant to produce all relevant documents, including her communications with Bradley and other officials in DA’s office. This revealed further evidence of misconduct and corruption in the DA’s office.

The scandal has already derailed the Trump trial, with the defense arguing that the case was corrupted from the beginning and should be dismissed. Judge Scott McAfee, who is overseeing the trial, has promised to issue a ruling within two weeks on whether or not to disqualify Willis. However, new witness testimony from a senior prosecutor from a neighboring county has been submitted, suggesting that Willis and Wade began their affair in 2019, well before Wade was hired for the Trump case.

Another attorney, former Georgia State law professor Manny Arora, also claims to have heard about the affair from Bradley and has submitted testimony that confirms the allegations. If accepted by the court, this could potentially reopen evidence and further delay the trial.

The scandal has also revealed that Willis and Wade were potentially using the condo of former Willis staffer Robin Bryant-Yeartie for their rendezvous. Additionally, it has been alleged that Wade was given a garage opener to the condo, suggesting the affair was taking place there.

All of this evidence has led to mounting calls for Willis’s disqualification, as well as investigations into her alleged misuse of public funds. The Senate committee, however, does not have the power to directly penalize Willis and can only make recommendations for changes to state law or budget.