Hunter Biden Testifies Before Congress

After years of denying his involvement in a shady business deal with a Chinese energy firm, Hunter Biden has finally come clean.

During his six-hour deposition with the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, he admitted that his father, President Joe Biden, was in fact referred to as “the big guy” in a damning email that linked him to a lucrative joint venture.

While Hunter did confirm that his dad was mentioned in the email, he vehemently denied any suggestion that Joe Biden was supposed to receive a 10% stake in the venture.

“At one point, we asked Hunter about the 10% for the ‘big guy,'” said Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), a member of the committee.

“We showed him the email … And he said, ‘Oh, that was after my father left office.’ It’s incredible how quickly the story changes when the pressure is on.”

For over three years, Hunter Biden and his allies have been insisting that the information found on his laptop, which includes incriminating emails and photos, was either not his or manipulated by “bad actors.”

This excuse was used to downplay the bombshell reports from the New York Post in October 2020 that revealed Hunter’s influence-peddling schemes.

But now, with Hunter’s admission, it’s clear that the laptop’s contents were valid. This only adds to the evidence that Joe Biden is just as corrupt as his son, if not more.

As Rep. Taylor Greene put it, “We’ve been hearing about these speakerphones and international business for a long time now. It’s just another bribe masquerading as a legitimate deal.”

It’s also worth noting that Hunter Biden defended having his father on speakerphone more than 20 times during business calls with foreign associates. While Democrats on the panel tried to downplay this as a normal occurrence, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) called it a “mirage” and pointed out the absurd reasoning given by Hunter: that he was supposedly trying to “defend democracy” against Russian aggression by joining the board of Burisma.

This latest revelation only adds to the mounting evidence that Joe and Hunter Biden were involved in lucrative, shady business dealings that involved payoffs and favors. It’s time for the Bidens to be held accountable for their actions.

New York Post