Michigan State Board Of Education Debates Homeschool Proposal

In yet another assault on personal freedom, the Michigan State Board of Education is considering a disturbing proposal from Attorney General Dana Nessel to create a list of homeschooling families in the state. This unprecedented move by AG Nessel would give government officials the power to conduct warrantless entry into people’s homes to inspect homeschooling.

During a recent board meeting, members expressed concerns about this infringement on privacy and personal liberty. Board member Tom McMillin called out Nessel’s intentions, stating “We have a legal system that indicates that you need a warrant to enter someone’s home but the AG essentially wants to go around that and barge into families’ homes on a whim.”

But it’s not just about keeping kids safe, as the board would have us believe. Board member Nikki Snyder rightly called out the government’s ulterior motive in this intrusive proposal, stating that it “is not about keeping kids safe but is more about government overreach.”

Why is the left so afraid of homeschooling? Could it be because it goes against their agenda to brainwash our children with their leftist propaganda? It’s no secret that public schools have become indoctrination centers, teaching kids a delusional sense of identity and grooming them to believe leftist talking points. Homeschooling puts a stop to this, and that’s exactly why the left is so threatened by it.

But it’s not just about protecting children from harmful policies. Homeschooling is a threat to the leftist agenda because it takes away their control. That is why they want to implement lists and inspections, to keep tabs on families who choose to exercise their right to educate their children in the way they see fit.

Michigan currently does not have any requirements for homeschooling families, and that’s how it should be. It’s the choice of the parents, and the government has no business interfering. Homeschooling allows parents to choose their own curriculum, take their own field trips, and teach their children about important life skills that public schools often neglect.

The left may try to sell this proposal as a safety measure, but the truth is, it’s just another power grab. We must stand against this blatant assault on our freedoms and our right to raise our children according to our values. Homeschooling is not a secret, it’s a choice, and we must fight to keep it that way.

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