If Re-Elected, Trump Plans To End Birthright Citizenship on Day One

Former President Donald Trump has made headlines once again with his recent campaign video on Truth Social, outlining his plan to sign an executive order to end birthright citizenship if re-elected in 2024. This move aims to tackle the longstanding issue of granting automatic U.S. citizenship to babies born on American soil to illegal immigrants, as well as combat the concerning rise of birth tourism.

In the campaign video, Trump emphasizes the need to secure the border, a key pillar of his administration’s policies. He argues that the existing interpretation of the law incorrectly grants citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants, providing them with access to various taxpayer-funded benefits and potentially incentivizing further illegal immigration.

By signing an executive order, Trump intends to make it clear to federal agencies that the future children of illegal aliens will not automatically receive U.S. citizenship. This would require at least one parent to be a citizen or legal resident for the child to qualify. Trump asserts that such a policy change would not only discourage illegal immigration but also encourage those who were unlawfully let into the country during President Joe Biden’s tenure to return to their home countries.

Moreover, Trump addresses the issue of birth tourism, a practice he deems “horrible” and “egregious.” Birth tourism refers to the situation where pregnant women from foreign countries enter the United States for the sole purpose of giving birth, thereby securing American citizenship for their child. Trump’s proposed order aims to put an end to this exploitative practice, preventing the subsequent chain migration that often follows.

By introducing these measures, Trump seeks to eliminate the perceived rewards associated with illegal immigration and birth tourism, ultimately securing the borders and upholding the integrity of U.S. citizenship. While this may generate controversy and opposition from certain quarters, Trump’s unwavering commitment to addressing these concerns is evident.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Trump has broached the subject of birthright citizenship during his political career. In his first term as president, he also raised the idea of using executive action to amend the existing interpretation of the law. By reiterating this commitment in his campaign video, Trump sends a clear message to his supporters that he remains steadfast in his desire to reform the current system.

As the 2024 presidential election looms on the horizon, Trump’s promise to tackle birthright citizenship and birth tourism undoubtedly presents a contentious topic for debate. With immigration and border security remaining key issues, Trump’s proposed executive order reflects his determination to address these concerns head-on, solidifying his reputation as bold and uncompromising.