VIDEO: UFO Cluster Filmed Over Popular Tourist Destination

There are plenty of reasons why Amerca loves Daytona Beah, Florida but until recently, observing UFO’ was not one of them.

That could all change however, as the news out of Jame Woods depicts a rather large “cluster” of crafts hovering silently by.

A puzzling piece of footage out of Florida features a cluster of curious orbs hovering in the sky as a pair of bewildered witnesses try to make sense of what they are seeing. The intriguing sighting reportedly occurred this past Saturday evening in the city of Daytona Beach as an unnamed man and his wife were standing out on their balcony and noticed something unusual off in the distance. “We observed lights hovering in the sky, in a V shape formation,” he recalled, while noting that the anomalies “were glowing and would turn off and on, reappearing elsewhere in the sky.” Fortunately, the witness managed to capture footage of the baffling sight as it was unfolding before their eyes.

The video was a strange one.

In the video, two balls of light can be seen in the sky, when a third orb briefly joins them to form a triangular shape before the initial pair of illuminated spheres disappear. This proverbial show continues until a fourth light appears alongside the group. As the man describes what he is filming, his wife theorizes that the UFOs could be related to “something for Memorial Day weekend.” Eventually, the lights seem to drift apart and the footage comes to an end without any answers as to what the anomalies were. In reporting their sighting, the man mused that “I am a retired 30 year police officer and have served in two branches of the military. I know what I saw and have never seen anything like this before.”

And while there have been some not-so-wild possible explanations uttered in response to the video, the footage below will certainly have you scratching your head.