Lawsuit Plaintiffs Attempt To Seize Jones Social Media Accounts

The families of the Sandy Hook massacre victims are taking a big step in the legal battle against Alex Jones. They want to seize his social media accounts as part of his bankruptcy process, arguing that these platforms are crucial to his business empire, Infowars.

This move is part of the effort to pay off the massive $1.5 billion debt Jones owes to the families of the 20 students and six staff members who tragically lost their lives in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

Jones filed for bankruptcy protection 17 months ago and has since stopped trying to settle this debt. Instead, both he and the families agree that his assets should be liquidated in bankruptcy.

But here’s where it gets interesting: on Wednesday, the families asked a U.S. bankruptcy judge in Houston, Texas, to take control of Jones’ account (formerly Twitter) and prevent him from using it to start new ventures.

Why is this social media account so important? Well, the families argue that Jones’ “@RealAlexJones” account, with its 2.3 million followers, is just like a customer list for any other business that’s being liquidated.

They claim Jones has been using this account to divert sales away from Infowars to his father’s business,, which sells health supplements. By doing this, he’s allegedly been trying to reduce the value of Infowars and protect his income streams.

Jones’ attorney, Vickie Driver, fired back, calling the families’ request improper and promising to oppose it. She claimed that the families never wanted money but instead aimed to silence Jones.

Remember, Jones was banned from the platform for nearly five years. However, his account was reinstated in December after a user poll conducted by owner Elon Musk. Now, a U.S. bankruptcy judge will hear the families’ demand at a court hearing in Houston on Friday.

It’s expected that Jones’ bankruptcy case will be converted from Chapter 11, which gives the debtor more control, to Chapter 7 liquidation, where a court-appointed trustee will take over and sell Jones’ assets.

For years, Jones claimed the Sandy Hook massacre was a staged event to promote gun control, a stance he has since retracted. The judge in his bankruptcy case has ruled that most of his debt will remain because it stemmed from “willful and malicious” actions. Jones estimates his assets to be under $12 million, which means he’ll still owe a significant amount even after his assets are sold.

The Sandy Hook families are determined to continue their fight. They plan to pursue Jones’ future income and seek payments from his wife, father, employees, and others to whom he allegedly diverted assets. Their goal with the Chapter 7 liquidation is not only to enforce their judgments but also to prevent Jones from causing further harm.

On a recent broadcast of The Alex Jones Show, Jones said that Infowars would be “completely worthless” without him and urged listeners to support him by buying products from DrJonesNaturals. He emphasized that he’s sold almost everything and is down to his last moves.