Russian Commander Kills Own Troops with Bonehead Grenade Shtick

A close up view of a Former Yugoslavia M69 anti-personnel hand grenade.

From the very moment that Russia’s seventy year old tanks began rolling into Ukraine, there was a bit of confusion.  This was allegedly one of the most powerful fighting forces on the entire planet, and yet they had no idea that they it was mud season.  Soon, Ukrainian civilians were picking them off in their stuck tanks, and local farmers began simply towing away the armored vehicles for their own personal collections.

This was only the beginning of the humiliation for the Kremlin, and this week has brought us an incredible display of abject idiocy that perfectly sums up the situation.

An explosion in Russia’s Belgorod region that killed three soldiers and injured 16 others was caused by a sergeant who set off a grenade at his unit as he tried to “establish authority,” according to local reports.

The blast reportedly occurred at a military facility in Belgorod region’s Korochansky district on January 14.

So, just how boneheaded was the whole thing?

According to Baza, a Russian Telegram channel that regularly posts information about security issues within the country, the explosion occurred at a cultural center re-purposed to house mobilized troops.

Russian emergency services told the state-run news agency Interfax that the sergeant accidentally detonated a hand grenade which caused ammunition to blow up and started a fire.

Baza said the man who caused the blast “picked up an RGD-5 grenade in order to establish authority over his troops.”

“After the explosion, which took place in a cultural center housing mobilized soldiers, ammunition detonated and a fire erupted over an area of 450 square meters. It took firefighters about four hours to extinguish it.” Baza reported.

The news comes just weeks after Russian troops threatened a mutiny over the failures of their commanders, suggesting that they were unfit to lead and marching the soldiers toward certain calamity.