ICYMI: Russian Fires ‘Dummy Nuke’ in Ukraine, Sparking New Fears

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues to falter mightily still, (after nine months), there are continued and abrasive threats streaming out of the Kremlin…some of which include some very scary caveats.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s desperation has been rather obvious of late, with the Moscow madman consistently suggesting that he may resort to using nuclear weapons to turn the tide of the war.

Now, new evidence has emerged of his possible preparations to follow through with the insidious threats. 

RUSSIA has fired a cruise missile with a mock nuclear warhead at Ukraine, according to reports.

It is claimed Ukrainian troops uncovered the dummy warhead after at least four kamikaze drones and two cruise missiles were shot down by Kyiv’s air defences on Thursday.

The realization was stunning.

One of the two missiles launched by Moscow was a Soviet Kh-55 missile with a fake nuke warhead, the Strategic Communications Centre of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said, quoting a Defense Express report.

It is claimed an empty block was screwed onto the missile to imitate a nuclear warhead before it was fired at Ukraine.

According to experts, it could be a “message” to the West about a possible nuclear escalation of the war, or a sign Moscow is struggling with its missile supply and instead is trying to “overload” Ukraine’s air system by launching projectiles even if they do not explode.

The abhorrent escalation will almost certainly have international leaders on high alert, as Putin’s recent shift toward nihilism has the use of a nuclear weapon no longer out of the realm of possibility.