Seoul, US Hit North Korea with SERIOUS Warning Over Nuke Tests

As the rest of the world continues to devolve into some strange, tumultuous mess, (particularly as it pertains to Eastern Europe), there are no shortage of bad actors out there looking to take advantage of the chaos.

Of note is North Korea, whose perpetual petulance knows no bounds.

The latest aggression from Pyongyang carries with it an atomic influence as well, leading South Korea and her allies in the US to issue a rather serious preemptive admonishment aimed at the hermit kingdom.

North Korea was warned on Wednesday that there would be an “unparalleled” response from the U.S., Japan and South Korea if it conducted a seventh nuclear test this year.

The warning comes not only after Pyongyang conducted a series of unannounced missile tests earlier this month, including a ballistic missile launched over Japan, but as the U.S. and its Asian allies fear it could be planning nuclear bomb testing for the first time since 2017, according to Reuters.

There was no mistaking the sentiment.

“We agreed that an unparalleled scale of response would be necessary if North Korea pushes ahead with a seventh nuclear test,” South Korean First Vice Foreign Minister Cho Hyun-dong reportedly told a news conference in Tokyo Wednesday.

North Korea has been inching closer to fellow authoritarian nations such as China and Russia as of late, prompting fears that a new “axis of evil” is forming in the east.