Swift Fans React To Super Bowl

In an unexpected turn of events, liberals across the country found themselves openly rooting against the team from San Francisco in Sunday’s Super Bowl. The reason? The presence of left-wing pop star, Taylor Swift, and her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, who plays for the winning team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

As the game played out, tensions ran high as the 49ers and Chiefs fought for the coveted title of Super Bowl champions. However, the game had an added layer of interest for many as Swift and Kelce’s relationship was put in the spotlight.

While one may think that liberals would be cheering on a team from the famously progressive city of San Francisco, it seems their love for Taylor Swift trumped any geographical loyalty. As the Chiefs pulled off a thrilling comeback victory, liberals and Swifties joined together to celebrate the defeat of the 49ers.

One Twitter user openly declared their satisfaction at the “misogynistic males” who were no doubt annoyed by the excessive coverage of Swift and her boyfriend. This sentiment was echoed throughout the liberal community, with many taking pleasure in the disappointment of those in the MAGA movement who were hoping for a different outcome.

It’s especially telling that the left cheers on someone like Kelce who showed his true colors last night when he pushed and screamed in the face of his head coach Andy Reid.

Others couldn’t resist the opportunity to mock conservatives, with one user tweeting, “Looks like Taylor Swift’s boyfriend brought home a win for America” accompanied by crying laughing emojis. The implication being that conservatives would be upset by Kelce’s victory due to his relationship with Swift.

And of course, in true liberal fashion, the narrative could not be complete without the involvement of Hillary Clinton. The twice-failed presidential candidate took to Twitter to congratulate “Taylor’s boyfriend” on the remarkable victory. It’s as if the liberals can’t resist inserting their politics into every aspect of life, even a football game.

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