‘The View’ Host Sara Haines Says She Comments On Trump

Recently, during an episode of ABC’s “The View,” cohost Sara Haines revealed a shocking admission about how she has actively hidden former President Donald Trump’s presidency from her children. In a disturbing display of liberal brainwashing, Haines confessed that she has gone to extreme lengths to prevent her children from even hearing the name of the man who held the highest office in the country for four years.

Haines divulged that she went so far as to police what her kids could watch on the news, forbidding them from seeing any reports about Trump. Instead, she waited until President Joe Biden won the election to even mention the existence of a president to her children.

But Haines is not alone in her Trump-hating sentiments on “The View.” Longtime host Whoopi Goldberg has refused to even utter Trump’s name on the air, instead referring to him as the evil fictional character You Know Who from the popular Harry Potter franchise. Admitting that she could not bring herself to utter the name of the twice-impeached president, Goldberg is showing a level of immaturity and disrespect that is unprecedented on a mainstream news program.

Fellow cohost Sunny Hostin also seems unable to discuss anything related to Trump without mentioning his impeachments. This kind of obsessive fixation on the former president is not only unprofessional but also emblematic of the left’s constant efforts to discredit and diminish Trump’s presidency. And the newest addition to the show, Alyssa Farah Griffin, who previously worked in the Trump administration, has declared that she would consider voting for a Democrat just to vote against Trump. This level of ridiculousness is what we have come to expect from “The View.”

In a country built on the freedom of speech and the exchange of ideas, it is concerning to see such divisive and biased rhetoric being peddled on a major network talk show. The fact that Haines felt the need to hide an entire presidency from her children is a testament to the toxic narrative being spread by the media. And the fact that her fellow cohosts continue to vilify and slander Trump even after he has left office is a clear display of their personal vendetta against him.

The mainstream media, including “The View,” have consistently portrayed Trump in a negative light, refusing to acknowledge any of his accomplishments and demonizing him at every opportunity. It is this kind of one-sided reporting that has divided our country and fueled the hate and vitriol spewed by the left.

The liberal bias on “The View” has reached new heights as they continue to perpetuate their Trump Derangement Syndrome. Sara Haines and her cohosts should be ashamed of their actions and should focus on being responsible and mature journalists instead of spreading their own personal political agenda. Unfortunately, it seems like “The View” is more interested in preaching their own brand of propaganda than presenting unbiased and factual information.