Trump’s Lawyers Issue STERN Warning to Ron DeSantis

With Donald Trump’s purported 2024 announcement coming any day now, there are a number of GOP hopefuls who could make his reelection campaign a messy one, and now some members of Trump’s legal team are looking to nip that right in the bud.

Of those who are likely to give the former President a run for his money, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appears to be the most well-revered and the most well-backed.

But Trump’s lawyers aren’t ready to let DeSantis get his campaign off the ground, and they’re letting him know that in no uncertain terms.

Donald Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba issued a stern warning to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday night at the former president’s rally in Dayton, Ohio, telling the unofficial 2024 Republican presidential contender to stand down. “DeSantis is DeSantis because of Trump,” Habba said on the pro-Trump YouTube channel Right Side Broadcasting Network. “He needs to stay in Florida,” she added. To that, fellow Trump lawyer and RSBN contributor Christina Bobb responded: “100% percent.”

And then:

Habba proceeded to double down, stating: “Just stay where you are. You are doing a great job in Florida.” Offering additional unsolicited advice to DeSantis, she said: “Don’t jump the gun. He’s not ready yet.”

The news comes as Trump declared a “major announcement” coming next Tuesday, with many political observers of the impression that the former President will be making his official campaign announcement at that time.