Trump Privately Says Ohio FBI Attack was ‘False Flag’

As news of the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago began to spread and be spun, the nation saw a great deal of angst rising.

This was, after all, the first time that a former President and presumptive future nominee’s home was raided by a government agency under an administration commanded by a POTUS of a different party.  So, of course it felt a little fishy.

But some people took it too far, including one man who was killed after a standoff resulting from him attempts to breach an Ohio FBI headquarters.

Some within Donald Trump’s inner circle are now suggesting that the former President isn’t convinced of that incident’s veracity.

Former President Donald Trump is suggesting to those around him that one of his supporters who was shot dead attempting to breach an FBI building was actually part of a false flag operation, Rolling Stone reported.

Trump has been publicly silent about the armed man who, on August 11, tried to enter the FBI office near Cincinnati, Ohio, prompting a standoff with police in which he was killed.

According to two unnamed people cited by Rolling Stone, Trump expressed concern about the man’s mental health, describing him as “crazy.”

He also, the sources said, has been telling people close to him that Shiffer might actually have been someone acting to discredit Trump supporters, per Rolling Stone. The sources described this as a “false-flag theory.”

After the incident, Donald Trump has offered to help the DOJ “bring the temperature down” across the country, as political violence continues to lurk in the corners of our agitated society.