Trump’s 2024 Announcement Timeline Revealed

For months on end, the most enigmatic query remaining in American politics had little to do with the midterm elections that are right around the corner, and everything to do with the coming presidential race in ’24.

The reason was simple:  The sheer enormity of the power still held by Donald Trump.

The former President, despite the plethora of probes ongoing against him and the controversies being conjured by the mainstream media, is still the most powerful man in American politics, and the world at large wanted to know if and when he’d announce his next run for the White House.

It appears as though we now have our answer.

Top aides to former President Donald Trump have been eyeing the third week of November as an ideal launch point for his 2024 presidential campaign, sources familiar with the matter tell CNN.

Two sources said Trump’s team has specifically discussed November 14 as one possible announcement date, which would come less than a week after the midterm elections and just days after the former president’s youngest daughter Tiffany is due to be married at his Mar-a-Lago estate.

This person cautioned that no date has been locked in and Trump could move up his desired announcement date – or push it back – depending on how Republicans fare in the elections on Tuesday and the availability of venues.

And also:

Trump has been advised by several of his key lieutenants to announce his third presidential campaign from one of the battleground states he narrowly lost to Joe Biden in 2020, according to a person familiar with the conversations, though others have encouraged him to remain in Florida, where he remains deeply popular among the state’s Republican voters.

Trump has previously indicated that he plans to run even if he catches an indictment from the DOJ or the New York Attorney General, both of whom appear to have their sights set on ruining any future political plans that he may have.