Ukraine Discovers ‘Mini-Auschwitz’ of Stolen Teeth and Live Burials

There is no doubt whatsoever that the behavior of Russian troops during the invasion of Ukraine has been horrid, but the latest discovery in a recently-liberated locale is downright evil.

Russian troops retreating from some of Ukraine’s easternmost areas are leaving behind not only their rifles and tanks, but evidence of their dirty deeds as well.  Up to this point, Ukrainian officials have found a number of mass graves and torture chambers dotting the landscape, but what they discovered this week is far, far worse.

A stash of gold teeth have been discovered in a village known to Ukrainians as a ‘mini Auschwitz’. The teeth were ripped from prisoners at a Russian torture chamber in the recently liberated Pisky-Radkivski in the eastern Kharkiv region.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence has dubbed it a mini-concentration camp as photo evidence indicated dozens of dentures seen in another big plastic box. The Ukrainian police footage says Russian soldiers drove local residents from their homes when they occupied the village and booby-trapped the doors to people’s homes when they left.

And it gets much, much worse.

A man is then seen in footage saying he was kept in the Russian torture chamber. He shows his wrists and the scars he has to prove it. Other signs suggested Russians had buried their captives alive or abused them, reports The Mirror.

The European Union has already called for Russia to face a war crimes tribunal for their actions in Ukraine, and each passing weeks provides a great deal more macabre evidence.