WATCH: Ghost Appears in Background of New Amazon Documentary

As the world of paranormal entertainment continues to evolve and dominate a number of different television stations here in the US, viewers are growing accustomed to the idea of fishing for anomalies as evidence of the supernatural.

Whether that means a strange word coming through a modified radio, floating orbs in the camera’s viewfinder, or even the occasional bump in the night, those who actively seek to commune with the dead often find themselves taking anything out of the ordinary as a genuine ghostly experience.

But when ghostly apparitions appear before folks who aren’t at all seeking these anomalies out, witnesses can be stunned.  That’s what has allegedly occurred with a new documentary series at Netflix that is definitely not about ghosts.

The spooky anomaly reportedly pops up in the new show James May: Our Man in Italy, which centers around the former Top Gear co-host visiting various sites throughout the country. While watching the third episode of the series, several viewers at home were taken aback by the sight of a somewhat translucent figure that emerges from behind a tree and moves across the background while the host is talking to the camera.

The setting had folks talking as well.

The odd detail is made all the more intriguing by the fact that May just so happened to be visiting a mass grave when the incident occurred, which has led some to speculate that the puzzling form was, in fact, a ghost.

May himself had some cold water to splash on the incident:

After the mysterious moment wound up being shared widely by people online, the host even took to social media to acknowledge the weirdness, writing “my thanks to everyone who has pointed out the ‘ghost’ in ep3 of my new Italy series. Nobody saw it at the time, so it’s either a real ghost or (more likely but also more boring) just a bit of digital file corruption.”

So, funky file flub or genuine manifestation?  You can be the judge by watching the video below.