WATCH: Pro Eater Pummels Protester, Eats 63 Hot Dogs While on Crutches

It is a spectacle like no other, and truly an iconic confluence of American ingenuity, pride, and sport.

I’m speaking, obviously, about the Nathan’s Famous world championship of hot dog eating competitions which takes place every 4th of July at Coney Island.

And, in this unrivaled American show there is but one star that rises above them all:  The now 15-time champ Joey Chestnut.

Chestnut had set a goal of downing 80 hot dogs during this year’s 10 minute contest.  The champ fell short, but not without good reason:  Not only was Joey competing on a broken leg, but he also had to manhandle a protester who jumped on stage and attempted to interrupt the proceedings.

A bizarre incident unfolded Monday early on in the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest when a protestor rushed the stage and bumped into 15-time champion Joey Chestnut.

As security rushed to remove the protestor, Chestnut briefly took matters into his own hands – literally. Chestnut, in the middle of his competitive eating prowess with his face stuffed with hot dogs, grew frustrated with the distracting stage rusher and put the person into a mini chokehold.

Chestnut was unfazed.

A security guard removed the fan quickly after the brief exchange with Chestnut. And without skipping a beat, Chestnut went right back to eating hot dogs as the person was taken off the stage.

The scene was captured on social media, but we must warn you that the clip you are about to see is rather violent.

And while Chestnut may have fallen short of his 80-dog goal, he still bested his next closest competitor by over 20 frankfurters.