Vlad Putin Makes BOLD Threat to Ukraine as Troops Falter

The Kremlin has given us plenty of reason to doubt their competence of late, as their seemingly doomed invasion of Ukraine continues, even after months of fighting already.  Putin and his cronies believed this whole thing would be over in 72 hours, we must remember.

But now, despite the mass desertions and casualties, and in spite of their equipment woes, the Russian President has found the gall to try threatening Ukraine anew.

With Russia’s military action in Ukraine in its fifth month, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday warned Kyiv that it should quickly accept Moscow’s terms or brace for the worst, adding ominously that Russia has barely started its action.

Speaking at a meeting with leaders of the Kremlin-controlled parliament, Putin accused Western allies of fueling the hostilities, charging that “the West wants to fight us until the last Ukrainian.”

“It’s a tragedy for the Ukrainian people, but it looks like it’s heading in that direction,” he added.

Then came the attempted fireworks.

“Everybody should know that largely speaking, we haven’t even yet started anything in earnest,” Putin said in a menacing note.

Of course, there’s no telling how much of the world will take Putin seriously, given what we’ve already witnessed from his army thus far in Ukraine.