WATCH: Russian Jets Harass American Nuke Bomber Just Days After…

As Russian continues to unabashedly ramp up their willingness to be a nuisance on the world’s stage, the Kremlin has taken to behavior that would have been considered unthinkable just a few years ago.

Not only are Vladimir Putin and his pals openly suggesting that they will use nuclear weapons to deter any outside interference in their invasion of Ukraine, but they’ve also downed an American military aircraft over the Black Sea.

Now, just days after that harrowing incident, another American asset has been harassed by Moscow’s military.

A RUSSIAN fighter jet has intercepted US nuclear bombers just days after an American drone was dramatically brought down.

Footage taken from the Su-35 shows it flying beside one of two massive B-52s as they approach Russian airspace, in the first encounter between the sides since the drone clash.

Other NATO nations were involved in the incident as well.

Before the B-52s were intercepted by Vladimir Putin’s planes, a photo shows them being escorted by Polish F-16 jets over the Baltic Sea.

It comes after Russian fighter jets dumped fuel on a US Reaper drone before crashing into it above the Black Sea.

In the latest incident, Russia’s defence ministry said its radar detected two targets which were identified as US Air Force B-52H bombers, the state-owned TASS news agency reported.

The ministry said a Su-35 fighter jet took to the air in order to prevent a border violation.

Russia’s abhorrent and unpredictable behavior has had many international observers on edge, and has spurred a great deal of trepidation as to what the Kremlin might be up to next.

Video of the incident can be found below: