WWIII WATCH: Eastern Power Secretly Joins Russian Invasion of Ukraine

With much of the world in a rather agitated state today, there are some rightful fears of World War III looming just outside of the mainstream conversation.  And, despite the “doom and gloom” tactics of the infotainment industry, no cable news network is going to be the first to begin calling Russia’s invasion of Ukraine the beginning of a global conflict…but many are beginning to inch ever closer to that conclusion.

But we are there.  Make no mistake about it.  The hounds of war are loose, and they’re beginning to corral certain world leaders into very distinct socioeconomic kennels.

The latest realignment is a frightening one.

The White House says North Korea is covertly supplying Russia with a “significant” number of artillery shells for use in Ukraine. John Kirby, the National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications, tells CNN that while Pyongyang denied reports in September it was selling weapons to Russia, intelligence indictates that North Korea has sent a “significant number of artillery shells, while obfuscating the real destination of the arms shipments by trying to make it appear as though they are being sent to countries in the Middle East or North Africa.” Kirby said at a briefing Wednesday that the US is monitoring to determine whether the shipments have actually been received.

The US was being cautious, but largely unfazed.

“It is not an insignificant number of shells, but we don’t believe they are in such a quantity that they would change the momentum of the war,” Kirby said, per NBC. He said the weapons would not “tangibly change the momentum either in the east or in the south,” where the heaviest fighting is taking place. American officials have described Russia’s attempts to source weapons from North Korea and Iran as a sign of desperation.

The idea that both Russia and North Korea would find themselves working together so thoroughly is further proof that an Axis of Authoritarianism” is heading our way.